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Athlete Training

Unleash your potential

Train to be a Resilient Athlete

Our certified trainers guide athletes to deliver their highest level of performance in any sport. We work directly with elite athletes of all ages as well as teams to prepare them for competition. Our programs improve speed, agility, power, and athlete resiliency. Every training program begins with an assessment to provide a benchmark for development and progression. We use the data collected from the assessment to measure athletic potential, identify functional movement ability, and address areas for improvement so athletes can reach their highest performance.

Elite Athlete Training

Train for the Long Game

When athletes have the will to train, we provide the way for them to move like champions. By developing movements that transfer specifically to their sport, elite athletes will prepare for game day performance, both in season or off season. For a comprehensive approach beyond training, athletes can utilize our full-service performance team to handle your needs ranging from sports psychology, nutrition, medical, and training.

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athlete training youth training

Youth Athlete Training

Train to Maximize Potential

Develop the athlete first and the sport second. Youth development is essential for long-term resiliency in life and sport. Our youth-only training sessions provide skill and movements transferable to sport, creating an environment that nurtures each athlete to be at the top of their game.

Team Training

Train Smart Together

Extend your performance resources by recruiting Advantage to provide team assessments, team programming, and team training based on the sport, position, or skill of the athletes. Our team will work hand in hand with your coaching staff, analyze and provide athlete and team data, and deliver valuable insights that will help all players maximize time spent training, recovering, and preparing for game day.


Meet some of the athletes and teams

Who have utilized and trusted advantage training
Grace Park Lpga (Now Retired)
Kevin Minter NFL – Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Lindsey Davenport USTA Former #1 In World
Chris Capuano MLB Allstar
Jon Dorenbos NFL Pro Bowler
>Tim Clark Pro Golfer, PGA Tour
Terrell Manning Nfl
Giulia Molinaro Lpga
Josh Esler Pro Golfer, Nationwide Tour
Kevin ZeilterNFL 1st Round Pick –
Cincinnati Bengals
Scott Pinckney Pro Golfer, PGA Tour
Alexa Glatch Wta Pro Tennis
Michael Mcclune Atp Pro Tennis
Noemi Jimenez Martin Pro Golfer, Ladies European Tour
Kevin Chappell Pro Golfer, PGA Tour Champion
Justin Morneau Mlb
Sangeet Sridhar Blue Chip Usta
Brandon Harkins Pro Golfer, PGA Tour
Brandon Hagy Pro Golfer, PGA Tour
Hannah O’Sullivan #2 World Ranking Amateur Women’s Golf
Jon Rahm 2018 #6 World Ranking Men’S Pro Golfer, PGA Tour
Albion Pros San Diego Npsl
Arizona State University Women’S Golf,
2017 NCAA National Champions
Arizona State University Men’S Golf
Syf Firebirds Youth Football
PHX Rising Youth Soccer


Functional Training For Individuals To Elite Athletes

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