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Chris is a native of Chicago, IL. Growing up he played every sport he could convince his parents to sign him up for which shaped his current holistic approach to performance and training. After high school, Chris received a Bachelors in Kinesiology at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Following that, Chris moved to Fayetteville Arkansas to pursue certification and a Master’s in Athletic Training at the University of Arkansas. While there, Chris received the Athletic Training Student of the Year Award after his second year in the program. Immediately after graduating, he spent a year as an Intern Athletic Trainer with the Chicago Bears. Over his short time as a Certified Athletic Trainer and Athletic Training Student, he spent time in the high school circuit, Big 10, SEC, and NFL across multiple sports including football, baseball, track and field, and lacrosse.

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Chris uses his knowledge of injury rehabilitation and sport performance to guide realistic and thoughtful choices while progressing or regressing athletes. In his free time Chris enjoys hiking, 12-inch softball, golf, reading and spending time with his fiance Stephanie.

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