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Corporate Wellness

Our Mission is Simple

Empower your Tribe to Move

Increase awareness. Ignite motivation. Teach skills. Reveal opportunities.
These elements form a solid foundation for every Advantage Training Corporate Wellness program to improve health and change lives.

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Integrative Wellness

Meet Employees Where They Are

Recruit our network of wellness specialists to design programs, facilities, and events that advance your organization’s well-being goals. Invest in your employees’ comprehensive health and attract dynamic professionals to your team. Provide tools and support that ignite your office with energy, focus, discipline, creativity, and confidence as a result of adding wellness to your workday.


Individual Movement Assessment

Create a blueprint for success

Reduce workplace injuries by implementing a strategy that supports your employees’ occupational movement quality. Our Functional Movement Screen (FMS) identifies movement deficiencies that, when corrected through training, results in less injuries and in turn, less missed days from work and higher productivity on the job.

Custom Workout Programs

Empower Your Employees

With the gym model squeezing out a 52% churn rate per year, why not empower your employees with the tools to be part of the 48% that stay engaged? High gym users have a workout plan and a goal. We support your employees’ exercise ambitions by gathering the information we need to design the right workout program for each person. They can train at our studio with our direct attention or go to the gym of their choice with a plan and our support.



Functional Training For Individuals To Elite Athletes

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