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Assess or Guess? Complete Your Performance Session

When you start training, do you guess what to do, or do you make an intelligent decision? Think for a moment- when you step into the gym, do you have a clear objective of why you are doing the workout, what to do to reach your goals, and even what your goal of training is? At Advantage Training, our clients start with a fitness assessment, or what we term a Performance Session, to get answers to these questions.

Know Your Why

We start the Performance Session by challenging you to think about your purpose of training so we can understand why you came to us. Training is hard and demanding work; there will be some discomfort and you will be sweating, but we know you have deeper motivation. We will also use a Lifestyle & Goals Questionnaire to find out where you have been, if you have had any injuries or medical issues, and ultimately where you want to go on your fitness journey. We want to help you get to that destination.

Body Composition Screen

The second step of the Performance Session is the InBody test. The InBody machine gives clear health standards about body composition and if muscle should be increased and fat decreased. We use the InBody because it is research grade equipment that tells what is really going on with the number on the scale. Are your gaining or losing muscle? Are you improving your fat loss? We can then have the conversation of what intervention we need to do- nutrition, sleep, or stress management? Those are a couple things we look at that influence body fat, and the InBody gives us great information that helps us make the correct decision.

Movement Screens

Next in the Performance Session is the Functional Movement Screen, and this is when we start having some fun. This screen looks at if you can move well and if you can move often. It is important to move well because that will allow you to do things more often. If you can’t do something well, do you really want to do it after that? Probably not. Let’s make sure you are first moving well in simple ways, like squatting correctly and touching your toes.

Once you begin training and can do simple movements effectively, the next stage we look at is if you can use those movements. That’s when the Fundamental Capacity Screen comes in to look at if you can move efficiently and sustain movement. After that, the last stage is the Performance Development Screen. Once you can move well and use your movement, we will test your strength, power, and endurance.


When you come in for your Performance Session, come in with an open mind and ready to learn. This kind of fitness assessment will be new and different because we take the time know you and your why. We make sure to own your challenges to figure out exactly where you need to go so that you can live out your goals, dreams, and purpose.

Win the day, and I can’t wait to see your results.