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A Spectacular Day at the Advantage Training Speed & Agility Camp

Advantage Training - A Spectacular Day at Speed and Agility Camp #itsmyadvantagePower, motivation and skill were the key concepts at the 2016 Advantage Training Speed and Agility Camp, sponsored by Nike and Poarch Creek Indians. It was so inspirational to witness over 70 young athletes, ages 8-18, moving together and encouraging each other to do better as they went through several drills and assessments. Every kid gave 110%. Each run, each jump was a little faster, a little stronger. They wanted to become better with every movement. The kids were digging deep, and it was thrilling to see.

The young athletes traveled from neighboring towns with their athletic clubs or school coaches—dedicated coaches  stuck around to cheer their athletes on. These coaches provided instruction and motivation as Advantage Training performance specialists, in tandem with PCI trainers, explained the movements and drills. Advantage Training provided specialized insight and coaching to help each athlete perform to the best of his or her ability.

Kevin Minter, an Arizona Cardinals linebacker, helped coach one of the assessment stations and gave a powerful ending speech. “I feel a strong pull to give back. It’s great to see these kids give it their all and to be able to let them know they can achieve greatness,” he said. The biggest take away from his talk at the end of the camp was to never give up:

“A person may not be the biggest or strongest, but they can be the hardest working. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Kevin emphasized the fact that no matter where you come from, no matter what your circumstances, you can achieve any goal that you put your mind to. We all became better that day.­

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