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MyZone Takes Coaching and Member Results to the Next Level

Personal training and coaching at Advantage Training just got more intuitive. If you have been in the studio this past few weeks, you may have noticed us testing MYZONE on the monitor above the grass. We’ve been researching and testing multiple systems to bring a deeper level of coaching, member engagement, and member results to our members. After all our research, one system stood out amongst all systems – MYZONE. Officially, we are excited to launch MYZONE to take our personal training and member results to the next level.  Heart rate? Check. Rest periods? Check. Recovery measurement? Check. More intuitive coaching? Check.  


The MZ-3 physical activity belt – a Bluetooth enabled, heart-rate based tracking device displays your movement effort and heart rate, allowing you and your Advantage Coach to monitor training effort, rest periods in between sets and maximize your training inside the studio. Walk in the door with your MZ-3 on and it will automatically show up on the display. Outside the studio, you can wear your belt during all activity, like hiking, basketball, swimming, biking, tennis, etc – and view your activity on the MYZONE app. The MYZONE app also allows us to create Member Challenges, bringing members together in a private group to support each other and keep the fire lit inside and outside of the studio.

Unlike wrist worn lifestyle trackers, MYZONE is extremely accurate and inclusive of all exercise efforts. Whether you are training for weight loss, muscle gain, or functional movement, the MZ-3 will provide data that supports your overall fitness strategy. And the MZ-3 was built with versatility in mind so your heart rate data can be viewed through Stava, Garmin, Apple Watch and other Bluetooth/Ant+ enabled devices. 

Setting Up Your MZ-3

Pre-Order your MZ-3 Today

Normally priced at $149, members of Advantage Training can pre-order today for the special member price of $75. Get your MZ-3 today and get ready to see your training results go to the next level!

For questions, text Ashlea Williams at (480) 470-4060 for questions and to pre-order your MZ-3 today!.