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Why Can’t the Ball Go Straight? Perfect Your Golf Swing

In golf, we have that one magical swing that hooks us to the game for life. It gets you fired up, and you want to recreate the same experience over and over and over again. But as you keep playing, it seems like you can’t recreate that same magical golf swing. You start asking yourself over and over and over again, “Why can’t the ball go straight?”

Correcting Your Golf Swing

With golf, we are constantly on the search for perfection that we rarely achieve. Why can’t we be more consistent? Why is it so frustrating to get that ball to go straight? It is the constant challenge that makes the game so beautiful. To improve ball flight and consistency, we need to look at what factors make up a successful golf swing. Issues with our golf swing can be classified into three categories.

  1. Equipment: Does our equipment fit us properly and match up to our golf swing? Are the angles of the clubs appropriate? The fit of your clubs is a very important detail to make sure they are aligned to your unique game and body.
  2. Technical skillset: Do you have a skillset issue that is limiting your golf swing? Are you not in the right position or not turning through the ball? Do you sway and slide? These swing characteristics can affect your swing and ultimately, your score.
  3. Body Mechanics: Is it a physical limitation that is affecting your golf game? Can you physically get into the positions to create the golf swing efficiently to get your ball to go straight? One of the things we look at with Advantage clients is how their body mechanics and movement influence their golf swing.
Prioritize Body Mechanics

It will be easier to optimize your equipment and technical skillset once your body has the ability to create the movements for an effective golf swing. What I focus on first with golf clients’ body mechanics is that they have the proper mobility and stability. Once these two are achieved, they can be combined to develop sequencing, or motor skills, to complete an effective golf swing. The golf swing is all about rhythm, timing, and sequence of the body in the right order to deliver consistent and repeatable golf performance.

When you look at improving your golf game or lowing your handicap and keep wondering, “Why can’t my ball just go straight?” look at these three categories: equipment, technical skillset, or body mechanics. Once you have assessed your game, always start with ensuring the the body can move well and address the equipment and technical skillsets after that. Advantage can help you out with correcting your fundamental physical abilities by starting with a Performance Session that includes a My TPI Performance Screen and a Functional Movement Screen. If you are having issues or wanting to improve your golf game, visit our website or call (480) 428-8299 to get in contact with us today.

Have a great day, send it, and keep striping fairways. Win the day!