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Performance Specialist, MS, CSCS, FMS

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Joshua Nassif is a Performance Specialist at Advantage Training and recent Master’s graduate from ASU’s Health and Wellness program. While working towards his MS, he focused his studies on strength and conditioning as well as volunteered as a strength coach with the ASU women’s club hockey team. This professional path has been life changing for him, as his primary education and career experience rested solely in hospitality management.

Unlike many professionals in the strength and conditioning field, Josh acquired his passion and drive for fitness from a source other than sports. At a very young age, Josh was sidelined from activity by a sports-related knee injury, causing him to have repeat surgeries in his adolescent years. Although the world of fitness and performance was unfamiliar, the gym quickly became his passion during his undergraduate years at NAU. Despite a blossoming career in management, Josh yearned to work in a realm that motivated him the most – helping others achieve what they thought was impossible. Josh’s greatest desire is to show that anyone can enjoy a healthy and active life regardless of experience, past injury, age, current health, or lifestyle.

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Living here most of his life, Josh is a proud Arizonan who loves the Sonoran sun. Aside from spending time with his wife and new born daughter, he enjoys activities such as exploring new hiking trails, cooling off in Sedona creeks, relaxing in Flagstaff, or off-road biking. Josh also enjoys Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, bodybuilding, and strongman training.

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