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What Is Your “Why?” – Find Your Reason For Training


Man resting after a run with water Recently I have been thinking more and more about “why” it is we train. For me, it’s cathartic and part of my identity. I simply don’t feel myself if I don’t train. I use it as a way to challenge and express myself, as well as for a release. Everyone has a different reason, but most of the time we use training as a way to enhance our life outside of the gym. For some, it is about crushing a new hike or race. For others, it is about getting rid of their back pain or being able to keep up with their grandkids. Whatever the reason, the constant seems to be to become a better version of yourself outside of the gym.

Tales From The Studio

What really got me thinking about this was my recent blog feature from one of our members, Carrie. She is an outstanding distance runner and competes – excuse me, wins – races and, overall, is a great athlete. Her reason for training is to become more resilient and crush the competition. It isn’t because she loves to lift weights; instead, she understands that training helps her compete by making her more resilient and accessing her true athletic potential. We have dialed in her training, and recently we also created an environment that revealed her willingness to compete. The experience was eye opening for me as a coach to see her inner athlete come through and completely forget that she was actually training. You can read about it from her perspective here.

Get Back to the Roots

The basic synopsis is that Carrie was having a rough day, and training was not helping. She was overthinking and not executing up to her standards. As I observed her mindset, we decided it was time to bring it back to her training purpose. Her “why” is because she loves to compete and wants to be the best, so we played some pickle-ball as a way to get her to relax. At first she was still overthinking – and it was not very relaxing for her… I did as any good coach would do and I took it back to the reason she was in the studio in the first place: to compete! I made her realize right then and there that she’s a competitor in everything she does. At that moment, she went from overthinking to competing. She promptly got a fire in her eye, said no words, and delivered to me one of the worst come-from-behind butt whoopings I have ever received in pickle-ball.

It wasn’t rocket science. It was figuring out why she is training in the first place and bringing the best out of the member I had in front of me. Why do I tell you this story? Simply because it is a great example of bringing it back to the reason someone is standing there in our studio. For Carrie, it is to be the best in all areas of life, even pickle-ball. In my opinion, figuring out your “why” in life and in training is paramount to success in everything you do. If you don’t know why you do something, are you truly evolving and becoming who you want to be? Probably not. Use this article as a call to action and come up with your personal “why” and reignite your purpose for everything you do in life.

How Can We Help?

As a Performance Specialist at Advantage Training, I use your “why” to bring out the best in you. At Advantage, we want to impact you not only between our walls, but outside of our studio as well. We understand that not everyone is trying to win a marathon or break world records, but that doesn’t mean their “why” is any less important. A common thread to most people’s reason for training stems from resiliency. If your body can’t handle the ups and downs of daily life, then your purpose doesn’t hold as much weight. Whether you are training for your kids, yourself, or to win in life, let us help you use your “why” to your best advantage. What good is spending time in the gym if it doesn’t help you become the best version of yourself?

My take home message is anytime you find yourself struggling to continue moving forward, remember why you started. Everyone has a “why,” and sometimes it just takes someone else to remind you of what that is. For more information on how Advantage Training can help you use your “why,” click here and schedule your Baseline Performance Assessment!