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Use Your Daily Resources To Boost Recovery

In a place like Arizona, it can be painfully hot outside. The sun beats down on you, and sometimes you just don’t want to get outside and be active, let alone train. However, one crazy thing that you may not realize is that this wonderful state is probably one of the best places for natural recovery resources.

Vitamin D

During the day, we have access to the sun. While we may not love the melting heat it throws at us, it helps us in ways we may not realize. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient to daily life, energy, and even recovery. With just 5-30 minutes of exposure to the sun, you can get all the vitamin D your body needs daily! That’s not all– you only need to expose 40% of your skin to the sun to get these amazing benefits. That’s as simple as taking your shirt off and enjoying breakfast outside in the summer, or just rolling up the sleeves and shorts when you lay out. The sun is giving us free recovery and energy tools, no coffee or energy drinks needed! Take advantage of the resources we have here in the desert. The sun’s rays are a blessing, not an inconvenience!


The second resource we should use to recover is the night time. Our sleep can be one of the biggest factors in energy, recovery, performance, and even learning! When it comes to sleeping at night, we should follow the Batman rule. Our bodies sleep better in cooler temperatures, believe it or not. At night, make your room the Bat Cave! Black out the windows any way you can, and let the temperature drop. You will sleep harder, longer, and wake up feeling fresher than sweating yourself to sleep every night. Have you ever tried to sleep during the heat of the summer, and your room couldn’t get cold? Now think of sleeping during the winter. You were bundled up but slept like a rock right?

The rays of sunlight and cold of the night are some of our biggest resources that often are underutilized. The next time you are outside or about to fall asleep, think about a couple of these tips and give it a try to have better recovery!