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The Advantage Mindset: Inspiration vs. Motivation

Are you inspired, or are you motivated? These two words may sound similar, but there is actually a big difference between them. Inspiration triggers you to make a change and endures during your toughest times. Motivation exists in the moment to get you hyped up for an event. While anybody or anything can build up your motivation, it takes something special to spark inspiration in you.

Start with Inspiration

Our goal is discover your personal inspiration. We want you to be have the drive to live life fully and really own your purpose of why you are training. Is it for sport? For your career, life, or your kids? Do you have some type of pain that you don’t want to deal with anymore? Maybe you are trying to get out of a tough situation. Let your inspiration be the strong foundation of your goals. If you have a strong mind and a strong body, you can do anything in this world.

From Inspiration to Motivation

Because we aim to foster inspiration, we dig to discover why you are training. Once we know your why, and you connect to it and own it, then we can start creating motivation. Motivation leads you to be excited when you come in for training. Motivation keeps you going day by day to make every workout a great one. It is inspiration that will last forever and sustain through both the good times and bad times.

Practice Having the Advantage Mindset

I want you to be inspired. While going through your training program, practice having the Advantage Mindset by tapping into your inspiration to create motivation and continue progressing toward your goals. Whether it is for training or for life, you are going to need both tools: inspiration to handle the tough times, and motivation to go above to reach new levels.

Stay inspired and build motivation to push yourself one level higher and one percent better every single day. It is a recipe for success. We see it in you, and we believe in you.

Win the day!