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Nutrition Tip of the Day: Quality vs Quantity

When you start thinking about food and nutrition, I want you to stop counting calories or thinking that you need to try getting on the “keto diet” or “intermittent fasting” or any other fad diet. Instead, just take a second and compare quality versus quantity of food.

Food Quality

The quality of food is how packed with nutrients the foods are that we put into our bodies. The foods that will give us the most benefit are nutrient-dense options. These foods will improve our health longterm, increase our energy day to day, and ease our tightness after workouts. A simple idea to keep in mind is to choose foods with color. Different colors represent different nutrients. Another concept to think of with food quality is to eat foods that are minimally processed and as close to the whole source as possible. Are you eating McDonald’s, or are you eating some fresh-out-of-the-garden, organic food? High quality food is going to give you more benefits not only today, but also down the road. It is going to improve your gains and improve your sleep.

Food Quantity

The quantity of food has to do with your goals with weight gain, weight control, or weight loss. Monitoring your portion sizes will be the largest influence on reaching your weight goals. Small adjustments in your meals or snacks can make all the difference in your weight and body composition. Be sure to eat consistently throughout the day to stay energized and so you don’t overeat at the next meal. Aim to make a quarter of your plate protein, a quarter carbs, and the rest fruits and vegetables.


When you optimize nutrition with the best quality and right quantity of food for you, then the magic starts to happen in your training. You improve your performance in workouts, your mood, and your sleep. Ultimately, your environment of success has just gotten a lot better. Think quality for health and quantity for weight control and energy management.

Win the day!