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5 Things To Know About CBD

CBD has become all the rage. You can put a CBD “floater” in your coffee or have it cooked in your burger,(yeah, in a hamburger!). But what really is it and why are people saying it will revolutionize medicine and the way we treat our health? Whether it’s for treating issues in the 5 majorly researched areas of CBD, which are pain, anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, and brain health, it seems to be providing enough benefits that pharmaceuticals are being made directly from CBD. But before jumping into the “CBD Rage,” it’s important that you know some key facts about CBD so you can feel more comfortable about chewing down on that burger.  

1.CBD Does Not Get You High

CBD is a nutrient that has no psychoactive, “getting high”, properties. However, it’s cousin, THC does. That’s why many people are confused or misunderstand the safety of CBD. CBD and THC are nutrients that are classified in a group called Cannabinoids- Just like Vitamin C and nutrients in Green Tea and Blueberries are classified in a group called Antioxidants. There are over 100 cannabinoids, CBD, CBC, CBG, THC, CBN, etc.., but CBD and THC are the most popular. CBD for its health benefits and TCH, primarily, for its ability to “get you high”. CBD actually can work as an antagonist against THC and can bring someone back into balance if they ever got “too high.”

2.CBD Does Not Only Comes From Marijuana

CBD is a nutrient that is found in other plants- just like Vitamin C is a nutrient in an Orange. Hops and Yeast contain CBD, but cannabinoids, the class of compounds in which CBD is in, are in Flaxseed, Echinacea, Black Pepper, and Cacao to name several.  However, the two plants that contain the greatest amount of CBD is Hemp and Marijuana.  Hemp and Marijuana are two separate plants.  They come from the same family of plants, Cannabacea, but they are as different as an Orange and Lemon, even though they both come from the same Citrus family.  All legal products that are sold in stores, on-line, and as dietary supplements, must be sourced from Hemp and have under .3% THC levels.

3.CBD Comes In A Few Forms

Usually, CBD is extracted from the Hemp plant.  Hemp plants are naturally bred to have high amounts of CBD and very low, less than 0.3% to be legal, THC.  CBD is found in the oil that coats the flower and leaves of the Hemp plant.  To efficiently consume CBD, you will consume this oil.  This is why you will read on products, “contains Hemp Oil.”  Hemp Oil can stay as an oil, such as a tincture, or it can be dried into a powder and put in capsules or other powders, and can even be made water soluble and put into drinks.  You can also consume CBD by itself, called “CBD Isolate,” or with its other natural cannabinoids and nutrients called “Full or Broad Spectrum Oil.”

4.CBD Dosage Does Matter

Just as with any nutrient, more is not better.  There has been a tremendous amount of research regarding Hemp, CBD, and its affect on various health issues.  In addition, each of us has our own rate in which we metabolize nutrients such as CBD, which factor into what is the best dosage for you and a particular concern.  Many products have less than what is needed to provide any benefit, playing on the ignorance of the consumer to know the difference, or provide a dosage that is one condition fits all.

5.CBD Is For Health & Performance

Although CBD has gained huge popularity for its ability to resolve many different health issues from joint pain to anxiety to sleeping problems, CBD is not only used in such cases of trauma but also to help accelerate performance and increase vitality.  Benefits such as quicker recovery, more focus and concentration, increased energy and cognitive performance, are leading the way so that more and more of us can leverage the benefits of this amazing nutrient.


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