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Personal Training

Comprehensive Training

Experience it yourself

“How does it work? What is it like?” As you look to find a trainer, imagine completing a comprehensive workout that is designed specifically for your body with your goals in mind. Picture yourself surrounded by others striving to get at least 1% better. Think of being led by empowering, engaging coaches who are committed to helping you succeed. That’s the environment of Advantage! And the best way to know how it works is to experience it yourself.

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Complete Assessment

You are unique, so is your program

Your assessment results guide the design of your individual workout plan. As you dive into training, you will start to rethink the way you move and break your mold. Your program will advance when your body is ready for the next level so that you can continue to unleash your potential.


Sweat the Technique

Led by Accessible Expertise

It all comes together in the studio where you sweat the technique. Our certified personal trainers guide you through each step of your custom program, teaching proper form to efficiently and effectively reach your health and fitness goals.

Train with Friends

Big Energy, Big Results

Our studio environment promotes the camaraderie of a class with the attention of a private session. As you are guided through your personal exercises, friends around you train from their own programs toward their goals. The stimulation of vibrant coaches and determined members brings out the excellence of everyone.



Functional Training For Individuals To Elite Athletes

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