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Under the Hood: Client Program Design

Effective program design establishes long-term success for our clients and is a fundamental building block of Advantage Training. We see all walks of life, all fitness levels, all ages, and all with various fitness backgrounds. For some, this is their first experience in a gym. For others, they may have previous experience and are simply looking to get back to a previously held fitness level. Youth to pro athletes – all with varying needs. Furthermore, the segments of people selecting training as an option have certainly changed, according to IHRSA.

As a client, have you ever wondered what goes into designing a program? Is it as simple as simply lifting weights and putting them down?

Factors of Program Design

There are many factors that we take into consideration when creating a program:

  • The Client’s goals
  • The Client’s physical abilities
  • The Client’s weight room experience
  • The Client’s stability, mobility, and asymmetries
  • The Client’s weekly commitment, and more…

…just to name a few.

In this segment, Spencer Tatum, Advantage Training’s Director of Training, discusses training progressions, and how we create programs for our de-conditioned clients, all the way to our pro athletes. Every person has something in common: A starting point. Check it out.