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Here Is What Some Of Our

Advantage Training Members Have To Say

We understand how it feels to get started in a new environment. We assure you that you are entering into something special! We are with you every step of the way as you commit to making a change for yourself, your health, and your greatest aspirations. But don’t just take it from us – hear from our family of members about why Advantage works for them. Between the dedicated Scottsdale personal trainers to their fitness tips that empower you in your training, here are a few insights from our members about how they felt after getting started and what makes them stay.

“The gym is just awesome and the trainers are even better! The workouts change with your progress and they are always fun and the small groups mean you get individual attention. They really concentrate on strength, balance and correct motion. Lisa and I are not professional athletes by any means, but we get the same coaching and care that a pro athlete would. We are currently working out with Ashlea and Chris and are having a great time! They are fun to work out with and provide just the right amount of coaching and encouragement to make you reach your goals. I highly recommend Advantage Training and their awesome staff!”

Brad Berry

“I cannot say enough about how great Ashlea is in working with and training our daughter to help get her back out on the soccer field. Our daughter fractured her ankle twice in the same spot playing soccer and we were referred to Advantage by friends who also train there. I see so much heart and effort put into training by Ashlea and our daughter LOVES training even though the sessions are tough! I enjoy seeing our daughter’s confidence, balance, fitness and muscle tone coming back quickly! Thank you Ashlea!”

Jessica Rothchild

“Having had 25+ years of experience with professional athletic trainers, I can honestly say the Advantage folks are the most professional, knowledgeable, and capable group with whom I’ve ever worked. Their optimal integration of technology along with a multifaceted approach is truly what every training studio/program should emulate. The personalization of the programs, no matter your age, sport, goals or situation, is what sets them apart. Oh, and they’re all super fun to spend time with, which makes a hugely positive difference. Thanks for all of your help, Mark, Spencer, Chris, Ashlea and the rest of the gang!”

Peter Lisicky

“I started at Advantage Training on June 1. It was a big commitment for me since I live in Arcadia and it’s a half hour drive away…but so worth it! It’s not like any other place I’ve ever worked out. The trainers are amazing and so supportive, the scheduling is so easy, and the results are so great. I’ve never had such a customized program just for me, which explains the great results! I can’t recommend it enough.”

Cari Peterson

“I love this place so much! I came to Advantage because I was sick of feeling weak and tired and wanted to be healthy and fit. The relationships I have built with the trainers are very dear to me, Spencer helped me quit smoking, I no longer have back pain, I have more energy to play with my kids, and I just feel amazing and strong. The trainers are all extremely passionate and knowledgeable, they have a way of making you feel comfortable even when you’re pretty new to working out like me. The semi-private sessions are great because you are working alongside others while still doing your own personalized training. Everyone I have met there has been so supportive and motivating. In 3 months I have lost over 3% body fat and gained 3.5 pounds of muscle. I love that I can get these types of results just committing 2 days a week to working hard. These guys have really changed my life and I would definitely recommend them to anyone who is looking for a serious training program tailored to your fitness level.”

Brittany Shelton

“I was injured with a herniated disc in my lower back when I first learned about Advantage training over a year ago. Obviously, I was fearful of reinsuring or exacerbating my back when I started….I was really hesitant at first. After the initial assessment, in which they took me thru a number of tests to see where I was at physically and to ensure they could build an individualized program for me safely, I felt slightly better but still anxious about lifting again. I am so pleased to say, a year later, all the things we discussed early on were actually delivered by the team at Advantage. Great work guys and thank you for all you have done to get me back on the golf course and able to work without pain again.”

Casey Johnston

“Advantage training is truly a one of a kind studio. If you are looking for a unique experience, one that uses scientific methods with great fitness knowledge; I highly recommend you try Advantage Training Studio. The program is tailored to your needs and changes every 4 weeks based on your progress. The atmosphere is a collaborative one where everyone is your biggest cheerleader pushing you to achieve your goals and do your best. No matter which trainer you train with you are always in great hands!”

Radhika Bhandari

“Advantage training studio is AMAZING!!! My stepdaughter (17) has been training with Advantage with the hopes of becoming stronger, more fit, healthier, and overall more aware of personal fitness. She has exceeded our goals for her and I think even surprised herself. She has lost (so far) 20lbs and gained some insight into fitness, gained a better body image and feels so proud of herself. We are so thankful for the Advantage Training Studio and would recommend it to people young and old to help achieve their fitness goals. Thank you!!!”

Robyn Katsoff

“Five years ago, at the age of 41, despite being in the best shape of my life, I had a stroke. I’m lucky to be alive. It’s been a long road but I wanted to see what I was capable of, so I tested the waters. To accommodate me and my special situation, they modified exercises and were so attentive. We started with the basics (stretches and simple moves) and have progressed from there. The Advantage Training trainers are by far the best in North Scottsdale. They have the perfect balance of professionalism and friendship and are encouraging without being high pressure. I have been working with Ashlea and Chris for a few months and I feel so much better, stronger and happier – like the old me, before my body took such a significant hit. This experience has been better than I had hoped. I HIGHLY recommend the trainers at Advantage Training!”

Hillary Shirley


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